Amplify Power
Amy Pritchard

Amy Pritchard

Co-Founder, Partner

Amy Pritchard is a passionate progressive Democratic political consultant inspired daily to promote and protect participatory democracy, advance progressive policies, and change the face of our political institutions and government to better reflect historically underrepresented people.

Amy is an entrepreneur, strategist, organizer, trainer, and creative communicator passionate about electing women, supporting young leaders, and mobilizing voters to impact democracy, elections, and advocacy. Her work travels have taken her to 26 countries and 34 states.

She is a founder of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC), GAIN Power, its predecessor organization Democratic GAIN, AP Campaigns, and now Amplify Power.

Few have done more to help progressive political talent find professional opportunities or more organizations build their teams.

Amy has specialized in direct mail and voter contact for over 20 years. She helped launch what was initially called Mammen Pritchard and became the Mammen Group when Amy formed AP Campaigns to do direct mail in 2003. AP Campaigns partnered with Mission Control from 2007-2016. AP Campaigns then partnered with Mack/Sumner, helping it rebrand to Deliver Strategies, and spent two cycles there from 2017 through 2020. (note some samples of her work on this site were created while at those firms). Since 2020 Amy has done mail independently with AP Campaigns.

Amy’s past national clients include the NEA, SEIU, the Teamsters, For Our Future, AFSCME, LCV, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, America Votes, the Human Rights Campaign, and many more. She has worked on dozens of state and local campaigns and loves ballot initiatives. Her experience working with and for some of the top mail businesses gave her a unique perspective on the creative and production process.

She believes in Amplifying Power to manifest change and to GAIN Power for good.

She is an unapologetically radically feminist, anti-racist, dedicated daily to improving the Democratic party and progressive movement by working to diversify, demystify, and create opportunities for new and diverse talent in our campaigns. She is unafraid to challenge the establishments when necessary to better our collective work.

She is motivated daily by a righteous zeal to better our country and the world and improve the lives of people who need the most support from the political tools of democracy, elections, and advocacy.

Amy channels her daily outrage into productive action. She believes the best way to impact change is to elect more women, more Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, and other underrepresented voices.

Abortion, reproductive freedom and all things health care, gun control, criminal & racial justice, gun control, protecting and expanding voting access, climate change, and pay equity are just a few of the issues fuel Amy’s drive daily.

Amy has been a digital nomad for over a decade. Boston-born and Cambridge-based though DC & Kigali are home too.