Amplify Power

Our Diversity

Diversity is more than a value; it is a mission for our work and why we formed this firm. Our firm is majority women and minority-owned, so it is also personal. We are Black, Latino, women and male political consultants joining forces to Amplify our Power and Amplify Power for progressive candidates, electoral campaigns, and legislative advocacy organizations. Our diversity isn’t just about who we are or hire. It isn’t just about race and gender. Our diversity comes from where we are from, lived life experiences, and professional backgrounds.

More importantly, it is about who we seek to engage and represent and how we frame our communications. We believe that diversity is the strength of our country. Too many campaigns take minority, and marginalized voters for granted because we expect them to vote for us or worse not to vote at all. Our focus is culturally competent communications to increase the engagement and participation of underrepresented communities and create a more reflective democracy.

During this critical time, we formed a new type of creative agency focusing on amplifying the reflective voices of clients and the voters we seek to engage, and focused on building and shifting power to create a more just and representative society. 

Our collective commitment to this work is deeply rooted in our passion for making this country a better place through participatory democracy and elections.