Amplify Power

Our Services

Amplify Power’s team of experts can help you with many aspects of your program, including print, but we offer so much more than just printing services. We take a holistic approach and provide comprehensive solutions to help your program thrive. Take a look at the ways we can assist you below and contact us today to get started.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail can play many roles in your campaign - primary or secondary media. From planning to delivery - we do writing, design, targeting, voter file or list management, and production.


Print Collateral

Canvassing and field events are an important part of all campaigns. One-to-one conversation from canvassing and events is the most impactful form of voter contact. We create visually compelling materials for you to hand out and leave behind at doors or wherever you may be.


Collateral Swag

Campaigns depend on all kinds of products to get your message. We can help you design and produce everything from signs to tee shirts, hats, buttons, stickers, and more. You name it, and we can likely create it for you. And we also try to make it Union made in the USA.

digital advertising

Digital Advertising

Too often, mail and digital run siloed programs rather than integrated - because different firms are creating the product. Our mail programs are better when digital is created with them and not separately. We can also do digital only programs.


General Consulting

We are strategists, not vendors. Our team has worked on every kind of campaign in every position. Communications is our primary focus as a collective, but we can also help your events, earned and organic social media, fundraising, speech writing and more.

Voter Contact

We are issue activists and campaign organizers first. Each of us has worked on enumerable campaigns as staff and consultants. We create written, data-driven, impactful voter contact plans based on your budget, media markets, and research and will help you choose the right combination of tactics to Amplify your power.

Campaign Planning

We come from campaign and organization staffing backgrounds and create comprehensive plans that go beyond voter contact. From organizing, fundraising, and communications - we’re always eager to be a full members of your team.


Branding & Graphic Design

Our team of designers creates logos and branding guides, prospectus, digital collateral, social media graphics, and other graphic elements for any media and communications needs.


The best, most creative, or innovative communications are irrelevant if they don't reach the right audience. We work with your polling, research, and data team - and can help even small campaigns without all this make sure you reach the best targets.


Our team has experience creating training materials and giving training presentations in person and online.

GAIN Power

Staffing & Networking

While a separate and independent company, members of our team manages GAIN Power - the largest professional networking site for Democratic & Progressive professionals and the best place for talent recruitment. We have exclusive access to help identify top talent for our clients