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#ThankAUnion & Our #LaborLoveLetter

Updated: Sep 19

A personal #LaborLoveLetter

Labor Day is a time to reflect on what workers mean - and why representing them is so important. Labor Unions form a critical part of our civil society and are responsible for bettering our democracy and political world. Their historical impact on legislative policies and every one of our lives is immeasurable.

Labor Unions are responsible for so much that we all have to be thankful for - from the 40-hour work week, health care, public education, unemployment insurance, workers' protection, safety, and so much more.

Labor Unions are behind every piece of policy that has supported employees in the workplace. We made a video to highlight just a few. These are the macro reasons to #ThankAUnion - not just on Labor Day but every day.

Also, I want to shout out Chris Smalls and the Amazon Labor Union, and many of the new labor organizers going after Starbucks, Trader Joes, and Chipolte, to name just a few. Do yourself a favor and follow them on social. We're also happy to see new unions forming in our own community at the DNC, DCCC, and Congressional Offices on the hill. Y'all breathing new life into the Labor movement, and we are here for it.

For me, it is a chance to reflect and thank all the many Unions, their staff, and elected leaders who support the Democratic Party, all the candidates, and the diverse, progressive movement - and the many issues and organizations that make us all partners and allies. There is no more influential and impactful group of organizations in our world. Unions support candidates, ballot measures, issue advocacy campaigns, Democratic party committees, and all our related events. Labor Unions have been an enthusiastic partner to every professional campaign, event, and other activities to which I was connected. In every case, they were there to better the lives of their members - working men and women- and to support social, economic, and racial justice.

These organizations' elected leaders and working staffs are some of the most incredible political minds and dedicated social justice warriors you will ever encounter.

I have even more personal reasons to be grateful for Unions. So many have supported organizations and initiatives I helped launch - including the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Democratic GAIN, GAIN Power, Global GAIN, and now Amplify Power. Grateful doesn't begin to express how much I appreciate these partnerships. There are too many to name, but I want to give special thanks to a few that have been especially supportive, including the AFL-CIO, NEA, AFSCME, SEIU, UFCW, the Teamsters, Working America, and AFT. Dozens of others - including many state feds and local unions have been collaborators, contributors, and clients.

Today I'm thinking about a few notable leaders no longer with us who played extraordinary roles in my life as mentors, patrons, and most importantly, friends. I will be forever grateful for Larry Scanlon and Paul Booth, to name just two, who had a deep impact on my work. This year labor community lost a colossal champion and leader, and I lost one of my best friends when Christy Bailey passed away unexpectedly in May. I've struggled writing about Christy because it is hard for me to acknowledge she is gone. She personified the absolute best of labor leaders. Friends and family will gather in DC to memorialize and celebrate her life on Sept 15th. We hope you will join us if you were lucky enough to know her or be impacted by her work - you can RSVP here.

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