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Reflections on our first year and vision for the next.

Updated: Sep 24

It's been one year since we announced Amplify Power, this firm, to our community. Over the year, we learned a lot. Launching a new company is not easy - but it is exciting and rewarding if you believe in what you are doing. It was crazy late in the midterm when we went live, but we were hired quickly to work with awesome clients in 2022 and are grateful for those who trusted that our new team has a collective set of experience that rivals most long-established agencies.

Creating Amplify Power was an intentional effort to develop a political communications firm with partners who reflect our party's and country's diversity - and be majority women and minority-owned. I sought creative colleagues with shared values and passions for the work - but with unique lives, professional backgrounds, and networks from my own. I was lucky enough to recruit amazing partners who have that and more to form our team. We bring experiences working in all regions of the United States - and internationally (I wrote this from my home in Rwanda). We have extensive experience with a wide variety of progressive policies. In our first year, we achieved several personal goals - working on abortion access, gun control, workers' rights, unions, Native American voter education, and always engaging voters in our democracy.

Looking to the 2023 and 2024 cycle, we want to work for positive transformational candidates, issue advocacy organizations, unions, and ballot measures focused on protecting and expanding voting rights - and building a more reflective democracy. We want to help organizations fighting for quality public education and to expand healthcare access - especially abortion and mental health. We want to collaborate with other diverse firms and bold leaders, especially women and BIPOC candidates fighting to protect our planet from climate change, gun control, criminal justice, and equity for all, especially under-represented and marginalized communities. Passion for politics and policy that makes our world a better place is why we wake up every day excited about our work - and we look forward to learning more, growing, and doing more as a team. Call or write for mail, digital, or strategic campaign planning. Reach out if you need support - whether hiring - or looking to be hired as a staff, freelancer, or another firm. We want to support all in this community and pay it forward daily. We're just starting and can't wait to show the world what we can do together.

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